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4 Recent Changes To Instagram – What You Need To Know

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Our favourite social media platform, Instagram, has been aggressively releasing new features and tools the past few months. In this blog post I’ll explain four recent changes to Instagram that you need to know about. Think of the creative ways you can put these changes to work for your business. How will these creative features help you build your brand’s awareness, increase engagement with clients and bring more leads to your business?

5 Reasons Why Buying Facebook Fans Is A Bad Idea


When starting social media marketing initiatives, many business owners focus on ROI (Return on Investment). That’s a good thing, but sometimes hard for many to do accurately. It’s easy to focus on the obvious metrics: growth of fans, followers, likes, shares, recommendations, views, comments etc. Many people seem hung up on overall numbers and lose... View Article

5 Tips For Better Performing Facebook Ads

If there is any place to advertise today, it’s on Facebook. It is the single largest online market place in the world today. Costing as little as $5.00 a day, you’re able to effectively market your business offerings to a global audience. The key to advertising on Facebook is to understand the different performance parameters and how you must design your ads for... View Article

What Are The Most Effective Social Media Platforms For Your Business?

Match Your Social Media Objective With The Most Effective Social Media Platform Objective: Improve SEO Google+ and YouTube are two social media platforms that can improve your SEO results. Google+ is by far the most popular search engine in the world [searchengineland]. The content within your Google+ profile will be indexed by Google and searchable... View Article