There are more than 19,000,000 Canadians
on Facebook at least once every month,
and 14,000,000 monthly active users every single day.

Source : Facebook: Aug 2013

Facebook Ad Management

Extend your reach and build a bigger community on Facebook through strategic advertising that is relevant and engaging.

With over 1.19 billion people connecting on social media’s largest network, it’s essential to build a passionate community of followers and extend marketing reach to obtain more exposure and convert more business. Our ad experts specialize in increasing online traffic and conversions through display ads and sponsored stories on Facebook.

Most businesses fail with Facebook ads by not targetting accurately.

Our team of experienced strategists will help you:

  • Select the optimal ad type for maximum performance
  • Craft your ad message
  • Target the right audience
  • Choose your budget and schedule
  • Bid on the ideal price for your ads
  • Decipher your analytics to show you what is working and provide recommendations for ad improvements

Facebook Ad Management Plan

  • Initial consultation with a Social Media Strategist
  • Complete Facebook ad set up including deployment schedule
  • Creation of up to 24 graphic images (2x per month) with a min 5 ads options per month
  • Creation of up to 24 calls-to-action

For more information and a customized quote, call 416-398-6669 or email