26 Real Estate Instagram Post Canva Templates

Are you tired of spending endless hours trying to create graphics for your Instagram Posts?

Would your rather focus on your business instead of spending time creating graphics in Canva?

I've created a collection of 26 Instagram Post Templates in Canva
that you can download and use for FREE.

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Check out these samples from the
Real Estate Instagram Post Canva Template Pack

✅ All 26 templates are easy to customize with your own photo and logo.
✅ Fully customizable so you can quickly adjust colours & fonts
✅ These professional templates will save time and make you look like you have a pro graphic designer handling your social media
✅ Save hours of time trying to create posts from scratch.
✅ Easily duplicate posts, adjust text and images so you can reuse them over and over.

New to Canva? I've got you covered.

I've created a short video to help you learn the basics of customizing graphics in Canva. In this Canva video tutorial, I  cover the most common and simple edits you will need to make to set up your canva graphics like a pro. You will learn how to easily customize your Canva graphic with your logo, photos, colours and fonts. Click the thumbnail below to watch the video now. 

Easy Canva Tutorial For Beginners

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*Note - We are a reseller of the Canva platform. To view the video above and to create a real estate listing video for yourself you do not need a paid Canva pro account. All features demonstrated in my video can be completed with a free Canva account. The primary purpose the video and this webpage is to educate you about the Canva Platform and available tools on the platform for your own personal use.