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By Lowell Brown

5 Facebook Reach Hacks To Improve Visibility Of Your Posts

It’s no secret. Organic reach on Facebook is at an all-time low. Many people are seeing a reach of around 2% – 6% or lower. Yes. The reality of organic posting on your Facebook page is that only a small number of the people who have liked your page will see your posts. So what can you do about it? Here are 5 recommendations to help you maximize reach and improve visibility of your posts.

  1. Post/schedule within Facebook natively
    This is not proven 100% to make an impact on reach of your posts, but we recommend posting and scheduling posts right within Facebook vs. using a 3rd party tool. Facebook has a history of ranking things within it’s own platform favourably. Why take a chance? Facebook’s own scheduling tool is great. We recommend using it or posting directly within the platform instead of using a third-party tool.
  2. Post video files directly within Facebook
    Several people have tested and proven that you will receive better reach (and engagement) for video posts if you post the actual video on Facebook (posting the actual video file to Facebook as opposed to sharing a video that was posted on YouTube). If you want even greater reach (visibility) of your video consider posting the video LIVE.
  3. Set a goal to create posts that people will share
    Shareability is how you can extend reach of your posts to a much larger audience. The more people share your posts, the more they will be seen by other people. Those people, if they also like the content, will Like, Share and Comment. The more likes, comments and shares a post has, the more people will see it and have the possibility of going viral.
  4. Post LESS frequently
    Yes. I’ll say it again. Post LESS frequently. Instead of worrying about posting MANY posts, post less, but better quality. Ensure the posts you share are all of high-quality content, targeted at your audience. If your content is likely to resonate (and be of interest) to your audience, it’s likely to get more comments, shares and likes.
  5. Pick your best posts and make Facebook Ads out of those posts
    Here’s a shocker. Facebook rewards those that pay. Yup, if you have a solid post and are willing to put some money behind it, Facebook will game their own newsfeed and show it to more people. Not only that, with ads, you can help ensure the ad is targeted at a specific audience group – if you target effectively, you will hit the right audience – an audience interested in your post that will stop and like, comment and share.

Do you see a trend here? Post less frequently. Create posts that will be of interest to your audience. Create posts with the goal of getting people to act and react to your post. Pay to extend reach on your best posts (you don’t have to spend a lot to get a lot). Doing this will help you attract more Likes, Comments and Shares and the more you attract, the better reach your posts will receive.

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