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Email Marketing

By Lowell Brown

8 Reasons To Use Email Marketing

Is email an active part of your marketing strategy?
Are you looking to increase web site traffic and convert more sales, faster.
This email outlines our top 8 reasons to use email marketing for business.

People want your emails

If you are using email marketing right, you have a list of people who have given you permission to stay in contact. They have literally asked you to send them your best content, share your knowledge and show them how good you are in your profession.

You can keep in contact with clients and send personalized messages

If you keep in contact with your clients regularly they will stay top of mind and are more likely to purchase from you again and again. In addition, email marketing allows you to personalize each message you send, a tactic that helps clients remember and recommend you.

It’s inexpensive

Compared to other forms of marketing, email marketing is not only fast but less expensive and delivered direct to customers who have already requested you contact them.


Email marketing campaigns give you more visibility than most other channels. In fact, it’s the only marketing channel that has the ability to reach 100% of its target audience.


With email marketing you can target your email message to specific segments of your list. This targeting of messages can ensure the right people get notified of the specific products or services that apply best to them.

Real-time metrics

Email campaigns give you the ability to see performance metrics starting right when you send the campaign. It typically takes about 3 days total to give you the final metrics for opens, clicks, visits, and any unsubscribes.

Drive traffic to your website and social media accounts

Sending a message to your contacts and including links to your website, product/service pages, blog and social accounts will direct traffic exactly where you want it. This targeted traffic will allow you a better opportunity to close a sale or convert a lead to a prospect.

Its really easy!

Setting up an email marketing campaign doesn’t take years or twenty-seven board meetings. It is simple to do, especially if you have a little bit of expert advice and direction from a professional marketing company.

We recommend Constant Contact to our clients. It’s a simple platform to use. very affordable, includes amazing customer support and has a proven track record with over half a million customers.

If you have never tried email marketing before
this is your opportunity to give it a shot.
What have you go to lose?
And we’ve got two great offers for you.

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