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By Lowell Brown

Facebook Brings Page Admin Roles To Business Pages

One feature that was missing from Facebook Business Pages was a level of security for page owners – or the businesses themselves. I’ve personally dealt with this issue for clients having been contacted on more than one occasion by a business owner asking for desperate help on how to get control of their page back after a rouge employee, consultant or “social media consultant” removed them as admin and “stole control of the page that belongs to them. This was a huge security hole and Facebook has finally delivered control to businesses in the form of Page Admin Roles.

This new feature allows Facebook Business Page creators to set specific admin level rights to other people who may be helping them manage their Facebook Page(s).

Okay, okay. I’ll give this to you in plain English.

You can now set individual page administrators at one of 5 admin levels thereby control the access they have and certain functions they can perform to your page.

Let’s say you have an employee that you want to admin your page, but you don’t want to give them ultimate control of your page (meaning they could have the ability to delete you as the admin) you can now do this. You can set their permission level to one of the following levels:


The manager has complete and ultimate control of the page as the previous standard “Admin” user used to have. This role should be given to the “Master Admin” of the Page. For example the company CEO, Manager etc.

Content Creator

The content creator has all the rights of the Manager except for one: this user level does not have the ability to add additional page Admins or ban/remove existing Admins. In addition this admin user does not have the ability to delete the Page. This is the ideal role for a Community Manager who needs access to everything but should not be able to delete the Page or remove you from total, or any, control. If you have an employee or agency working for you – this is the level they should be set to.


The Moderator has all the rights of the Manager except that this admin user cannot add applications to the Page (or delete them from the Page), modify the administrator options (such as the profile picture), access the entire Admin panel (including managing permissions or featuring Page owners), or post as the Page. The ideal task for this user level is someone whom you want to have the ability to respond to fan’s posts, comments or messages…that’s pretty much it. This is the perfect role for a person dealing only with content moderation and/or support.


This admin role will allow an individual to create ads for the Page and access the insights (Facebook’s statistics tracking interface). That’s it! This is the role you want to use for the agency that is in charge of managing your Facebook Ads campaigns.

Insights Analyst

If you want to give someone access to see the stats and performance of you page, this is the admin level to set them at. That’s the only additional power they have, to see overall performance and engagement statistics of the page. Period!

With this new feature now public for all Pages, we highly recommend you, as the page owner/manager, adjust the admin level of any additional admin users to your page. Protect yourself, your company and your page. Do it now!

What’s missing from these features? There is no ultimate admin moderation protection. In other words, let’s say you have a staff member that you have tasked to moderate comments, perform or schedule daily posts for your page, but you would like to have the opportunity to “approve” them before they are published live….this is one feature Facebook as not accounted for. We’ll have to just wait and see if they decide to add this to the mix.

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