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By Lowell Brown

The Twitter Cheat Sheet for Image Sizing & Dimensions

Creating custom graphics for your Twitter profile is not an easy task if you do not know the proper image sizes and dimensions. That’s why we have created a Twitter cheat sheet with the most recent image sizes and dimensions you’ll need to produce a stellar profile.


Your PROFILE PICTURE will be displayed at 73 x 73 pixels on your profile page. It is recommended to upload as 500 x 500 pixels as this is the image size displayed when a user clicks on your profile picture. Your profile picture will automatically be resized to fit 73 x 73 pixels.

Within your tweets, your profile picture will be scaled down to fit 48 x 48 pixels.

The HEADER IMAGE is found behind your profile picture and measures 520 x 260 pixels. Twitter recommends you upload as 1252 x 626 pixels for a higher quality resolution.

Tip: Your header image will be obstructed by your profile picture, company name, and biography (160 characters max) so keep your header image simple.

The BACKGROUND IMAGE is the most challenging graphic to create for your Twitter profile. In order to create an ideal background image, you must take into account users screen resolution. It is important to note that the Twitter feed is approximately 870 pixels wide. The standard laptop screen resolution is 1366 pixels wide; however, many individuals still use desktops with larger monitors. Taking into account a larger monitor, we recommend starting with an image size of 1600 wide x 1200 pixels high.

If you plan your image to fit the standard 1366 px screen, you will be left with 248 px on each side of your Twitter feed. (1366 px – 870 px (Twitter feed) = 496 px total divided by 2 sides = 248 pixels.)

You will also need to factor in the margin dimensions. We recommend leaving about 22 px for the margin on each side of the background image. When the margins are factored in, you now have 226 px to work with on each side (248 px – 22px = 226px).

Tip: Place your primary design on the left hand side since this is where users will naturally be drawn to view any call to actions or branded logos.

Stats: 90% of users will see at least 78 pixels of the left side of your background image; 67% will see at least 204 pixels; 43% will see at least 247 pixels; but only 21% will see 284 pixels.

Your RECENT IMAGES, the images you’ve most recently shared with users will be visible under your user interface. They measure 90 x 90 pixels.

A SHARED IMAGE on your timeline will display as 435 x 375 px MAX as the displayed size depends on the original image size. The image will automatically be scaled down proportionally.

A SHARED VIDEO on your timeline will measure 435 x 244 pixels. The first 160 characters of your video description will be visible to users.

Now that you know the proper Twitter graphic sizes & dimensions, it’s time to get started creating your custom Twitter graphics. Make sure you save this cheat sheet on your computer and you’ll never have to Google “Twitter Image Dimensions” again!


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