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Social Media - How To

By Lowell Brown

3 Social Media Post Ideas for Local Restaurant Owners


Are you a restaurant owner or operator Looking to spice up your social media posts? Give these ideas a try:

1) Highlight your repeat customers. Post a picture of a loyal customer and thank them for supporting your business. As they are already a loyal customer there is a really good chance they will share your post – that allows you to reach their fans and followers. An endorsement from a friend is more likely to gain awareness and interest for your business compared with a cold ad pitching your business.

2) Post a limited time offer. One way to gain attention is to post a special offer for your fans/followers. Include a couple rules for people to follow which include how to share the post with a friend, tagging someone, or including a deadline for the special offer (IE – today only OR buy one get one free (of something on your menu).

3) Share photos and video of your food or the vibe at your restaurant. People love to see what the experience is at your location. Show them through your social posts and build that FOMO style which may attract them to check it out.


Give these ideas a shot and see how this allows you to spice up your posts and build more engagement.

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