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Facebook Advertising

By Lowell Brown

Two Facebook Advertising Ideas To Help Real Estate Agents/Brokers Drive Traffic, Build an Email List of Buyers & Sellers, and Reach More People

Are you a Real Estate Agent or Broker?
Have you considered using Facebook Ad to help you promote your listings and sell properties fast?

Here are two Facebook Advertising ideas we have used to help drive traffic, build a list of interested buyers and sellers, and helped our real estate clients reach more people in a cost effective way:

1. Carousel Style Ads. A carousel style ad is an ad that features multiple images where you can either tap or swipe to see more pictures in the ad. This is a great idea if you have multiple listings to promote or if you want to feature one property and show different pictures of various rooms or highlighted features of that property. Along with each image you can include a brief text heading to point out something of interest. You can include a separate link per image to help drive traffic to your website.

2. Lead Gen Ads. One of the most valuable things to be able to collect is an interested parties name, email address and phone number. One style of Facebook & Instagram ad to test is a Lead Gen ad. This is an ad where you can feature a property with one or more pictures, but instead of driving people off of Facebook to a website/landing page, you can drive them directly to a lead contact form right on the ad. This eliminates an extra step and allows you to gather contact information right away while someone is interested. This also allows you to see your return on ad spend (ROS) because you can track the amount you have spent on your ad campaign, see how many leads you attract with your ad and get an exact cost for each lead. This is valuable information.

There are many other ad types that can allow you to promote listings, capture lead information and/or engage directly with potential clients. If you haven’t tried these options yet, this is where I would start. If you have tried these and are ready to dive even deeper, stay tuned as I’ll share more ideas in future posts.

If you are looking to get started with Facebook & Instagram ads but you don’t know how, give me a call. I’m ready to help you grow leads, traffic and sell your properties fast.
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