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Facebook Advertising

By Lowell Brown

Facebook Advertising Audiences – What are they?

Are you considering advertising on Facebook and Instagram? One of the most important elements to a successful advertising campaign is the audience you target your ads to. Here are 3 tips to help you target your ads to people who are not only interested but ready to take action.

1. Consider who your “warm” audience is. A warm audience are people who already know, like and trust you. These could be current or past clients/customers, friends, family or your current social followers. When setting up audiences in Facebook Business Manager, these would be audiences you setup as either Fans/followers of you Facebook page, Instagram account or they could be from email lists you upload. Hopefully you have contact information from current and past clients. If not, now is the perfect time to start preparing this. Your warm audience should be your first and most valuable audience as these are people who have either already purchased from you or you already have trust with. They are more likely to buy from you again.

2. Now let’s get a bit deeper. If you have your warm audience prepared, depending on the size of that audience it might be a good idea to try to break that out between people who have purchased from you and people who haven’t. As mentioned above, people who have purchased from you once, are more likely to purchase from you again compared to someone who doesn’t even know you. Sometimes though, you may be starting to build that trust with people. They are interested in you, follow you on your social accounts, maybe even engage with you on social, but they haven’t yet made a purchase from you. They are in this middle phase. You are starting to build interest an loyalty with them, but they haven’t yet taken that extra step to be a customer. When in comes to Facebook marketing being able to separate this audience out from people who are truly warm or hot can make a difference. This audience needs that extra push. Maybe a special offer or discount, maybe a different video to demonstrate your product or service. Breaking this audience out may help you push them down your marketing funnel to that next level.

3. Cold Audience. A cold audience is an audience who may not know you or have heard of you before. But let’s make sure we don’t get too cold here. You don’t want your ads targeting just anyone. You want to make sure there is a level of interest here. You just may not have previously been able to reach this audience to attract their attention. This is where we need to dive into other broad interest targeting with Facebook’s categories. Here is an example. Let’s say you operate at local business – maybe a restaurant. Consider the type of food you serve at the restaurant, consider other popular restaurant names that are similar, consider other interests your customers have. Do they have a similar lifestyle, do they shop a certain stores, are they more likely to shop at other stores in your area if it’s a family restaurant, what other things do they do with their family? Drilling down to consider elements of interest in your target customer will help you better target them on Facebook and Instagram. If you can target them with laser focus, you can test different audience interests and see if you can reach your audience based on actions they take on your ads.

If you are ready to get started with Facebook & Instagram Advertising but don’t know how to setup audiences, don’t know how to setup ads or are looking to get BETTER results from your ads we are here to help!

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