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By Lowell Brown

5 Tips For Better Performing Facebook Ads

If there is any place to advertise today, it’s on Facebook. It is the single largest online market place in the world today. Costing as little as $5.00 a day, you’re able to effectively market your business offerings to a global audience.

The key to advertising on Facebook is to understand the different performance parameters and how you must design your ads for best results.

Here are five tips to increase the performance of your Facebook ads:

1. Attention Grabbing Graphics: 

This is the most important connect with your target audience. You must use images that are bright and attractive to ensure you catch the attention of your target audience. Try to include your brand logo within your images to increase one’s ‘brand recall’.

2. CTR (Click-Through-Rate)

The click-through-rate (CTR) of your advertisement is a metric you will need to measure closely. It is an indicator of your advertisement’s performance. The CTR is a percentage of people who click on your ad. Although it varies across different industries, a successful CTR could be measured at 2%. So experiment with different images and brightly colored graphics to get the best results.

3. Call-to-Action

Get people to click on your ad by simply asking them to do so. You can include text within your graphic or ad text such as ‘click now’ or ‘buy now’. A call-to-action will likely increase the CTR and improve the overall performance of your campaign.

4. Cover Photo & Content

If you are running Facebook advertisements to build your fan base, you must ensure your page sports an attractive cover photo and is filled with solid content. When people land on your Facebook page they will be more likely to “like” your page if it’s complete, up-to-date, and is visually appealing, in terms of graphics and content.

5. Ad Targeting

Facebook advertising allows you to target specific niche audience groups.  You can target people by occupation, gender, age, and specific interests, for example. For instance, if you are a Social Media Marketing Agency, you can create one campaign (based on your advertising goal) and within that campaign you can create several ad sets, based on different audience segments. We suggest keeping your ad targeting numbers close to 100,000 people for maximum effectiveness. If you target too narrow of an audience group you’ll likely not have a large enough reach; however, if you are target too large of an audience group – for example – 1,000,000 people, your ad will likely not be geared towards the people who will really benefit from seeing your ad. It’s always best to stick to smaller niche audience groups when completing your ad targeting specs.

These above tips can help you dramatically increase the performance of your Facebook ads. Remember to monitor your ads closely using Facebook’s built-in analytics tool to measure results and optimize accordingly.

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