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By Lowell Brown

How To Plan And Organize Youtube Video Production With Airtable

1️⃣ Part 1 Of The Airtable Video Planning Series
if you are like me, you can appreciate good organization and know that in the end, being organized can save a lot of time. I recently published a video on YouTube demonstrating a platform called Airtable and I demonstrated how to plan your youtube video content with this tool, which acts like a spreadsheet on steroids.

In the video, I explain what Airtable is, how to start building your first “base”, and how to create different fields and organize them.
This entire process will help you build a system, customized to your needs, help you brainstorm ideas, and collect all the information and details about your video to help save you time when you upload it to YouTube.
I have established that my own process falls into a number of different sequences.
I start with brainstorming ideas, then I decide which videos I want to film next, while going through the process of filming and editing (production) I start to collect other details that I’ll use when uploading the video to Youtube.
My process doesn’t end there.
I usually will post my video as a blog post on my website and also post the video on social media, sometimes that will require that I cut the video into several smaller bite-sized clips that can be repurposed into several additional social media posts.
For each stage of the process, I have a system that ensures I get everything ready and organized to plan – build – promote each new video I create.

00:00 Intro
02:53 Airtable Basics – Setting up fields
05:20 Setting Up Our YouTube Video Workflow (Airtable Grid View)
16:49 Adding More Fields for Blog Publishing & Social Media Post Planning
22:06 Setup A New Airtable Grid View
22:58 Demo of my current Airtable video planning workflow
28:07 Creating Our YouTube Video Planner
33:10 Recap

Interested in checking out Airtable? Click the link below to use my referral link. I receive a small credit to the platform if you use this link:

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