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By Lowell Brown

Time-Saving Canva Keyboard Shortcuts – Work Faster – Easy to Learn!

One of the best ways to speed up your Canva work process is by using easy-to-remember keyboard shortcuts. In this video, I provide an on-screen demo of my favourite shortcuts. They are super easy to learn and will make your canva graphic creation time faster meaning you can spend more time on other parts of your business – Win. Win.

There are actually so many little tips and tools that can help you work faster and more efficiently in We all use keyboard shortcuts every day. From cutting and pasting files to bolding or underlining text in a word processor. Think about how you can make your creative process faster by learning some of these time-saving shortcuts on Canva. These are all really easy to remember – join me while I give an on-screen demo in and teach you some of my favorite shortcuts.

0:35 – Intro To Canva Keyboard Hotkeys
1:40 – How To Add Text To Creations in Canva
1:55 – Copy, Paste & Remove Objects In Canva
2:19 – How To Bold, Italicize, Underline Text
2:58 – How To Uppercase Text
3:26 – Adding Shapes In Canva – Rectangle, Line, Circle
4:38 – Resizing Objects in Canva Designs
5:42 – Zoom in & Out + Moving Objects
7:24 – Grouping & Ungrouping Layers with Canva
9:32 – Working with layers
10:40 – Duplicating
11:22 – Magic Commands (NEW FEATURE)

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