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By Lowell Brown

Facebook Ads Disabled or Disapproved? Here’s What To Do

Did Facebook (Meta) reject your Facebook or Instagram ads? Did you know there is a way to dispute Facebook’s decision to disapprove your ads?
Has your entire Facebook account has been disabled? – Don’t worry. You can get help directly from Facebook (Meta) support.
In this video, I’ll explain how to get your rejected Facebook ads approved, and how you can get direct contact with Meta Business Support and get your ads and/or ad account back up and running.

I’ll cover 3 common Facebook & Instagram disapproval scenarios and demonstrate the steps so you can get your ads approved (2022 new process explained)

You’ll also find out how to submit a request for review of a disputed ad, and learn what information you’ll need to have when you contact Facebook.

Watch the full video:

00:00 Intro
01:00 What to do when your Facebook & Instagram ads are disapproved
04:33 Request a second review of disapproved ads
07:33 Scenario 2 – How to get help from Meta Business support
16:41 Scenario 3 – Your entire ad account is disabled – now what?

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