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By Lowell Brown

How To Add The Featured Section In LinkedIn – Easy Step By Step Tutorial

Have you activated the Featured Section on your LinkedIn Profile?

If not you’re missing out on an opportunity to feature more of your content on your LinkedIn profile. This feature allows you to display images, posts, videos, media links and more at the top of your profile page.
In this video, I’ll show you, step-by-step, how to activate this feature and how to start selecting content to appear in your own Featured Section. This is a super easy LinkedIn tutorial that can make a world of difference in helping you build a bigger and more targeted audience on LinkedIn.

The LinkedIn featured section is often missed by people and unlocks a fantastic opportunity to showcase more of your content, skills and experiences and even the success you’ve had along the way.

You can add
– Video links
– YouTube videos
– Website links
– Article links
– Your LinkedIn Newsletter (tutorial video:
– LinkedIn Posts you or others have shared
– Media including documents, photos and presentations
Basically, anything that is important to you.

Watch this video and learn how to take advantage of your LinkedIn Featured section

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