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Did You Know?

By Lowell Brown

Domain Name Registration With

Insight Design is pleased to announce a new relationship with as our primary Domain Name registrar.

As part of our Web Site Design services, clients often ask us to either register domain names for them on their behalf, or to recommend a good domain registrar. We have used several companies in the past including,, and more. We recently started using hover and have found them to be, in our opinion, the best.

Registering a domain name is simple and fast and their web interface isn’t confusing or distracted with other “add-ons” that other registrars try to sell you on. You get your domain, at a competitive price and your a done.

And if/when you have a problem they are a simple phone call away…and did we mention that there is virtually not telephone wait time?

So the next time you need a domain name, look no further than!

If you use our unique promo code you can save 10% off your order. Use promo code: “insight”

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