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By Lowell Brown

Instagram Tip: You CAN put clickable links in any DM message!

Yup that’s right and it’s the most powerful way to direct a quality lead from Instagram.
Why? Read on below 👇🏼

You may think the only way to share a link on Instagram is by directing people to “click the link in the bio”. Not only is this a pain in the a$$ for you to manage, but it’s also an extra step for someone to take.

Story Links are another option BUT, you have this ability if you have over 10,000 followers.

If you sell products, Instagram Shoppable Links may be another option. Again with limitations. You must have physical products that you sell.

With PAID ADS you can include links….but if you don’t want to spend $$$, fear not, I have another solution that will help you can make a MUCH BIGGER IMPACT.

By far the most effective way to share links on Instagram is in a DIRECT MESSAGE or DM.
if you are providing them something of value, tell them (in your post description) to DM you for access.

If you can get someone to send you a message you have 3 new opportunities to turn a fan into a customer.
Not only will you have a new hot contact you can engage with in the future, but you are also able to enter into a direct one-to-one dialogue with this fan/follower.
This is your opportunity to make an impact and build on your K.L.T. (Know, Like & Trust).
💥 Last and most important, in a direct message you can also share a clickable link.

By encouraging someone to send you a Direct Message you have built a new contact, have an opportunity to build a memorable connection with them and you can share a link. All of these can help you turn a fan into a client.

🚨But wait there’s more. If you want a couple of additional ways on how you can share clickable links with Instagram, DM me on Instagram.
Yup. See what I did there?

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