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By Lowell Brown

What’s the Best Strategy for Using Hashtags on Instagram?

What’s the best strategy for using hashtags on Instagram?

1. For regular posts it is recommended to use 10-20 hashtags. Make sure the hashtags are relevant to your post content and your target audience. Choose a balance of broad and very specific hashtags that are relevant to your actual post content. If a given hashtag is extremely popular (for example, millions of posts use it) it may be too popular and over used. The maximum number of hashtags you can use on a post is 30.

2. You can put hashtags in your post content or within the first comment of a post. It does not have to be in your actual post copy.

3. For Instagram stories you can use up to 3 hashtags to help your chances of being found in “search and discovery”. Any additional hashtags used beyond 3 won’t be used for search results on the platform.

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