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By Lowell Brown

Instagram Stories Tips For Realtors

Want to make the most of Instagram Stories to effectively promote your Real Estate Listings and other updates?

Many of my clients struggle to think of ways to share information about listings using Instagram Stories posts. While it's easy to create one Story post (or frame as they are sometimes called), you are not limited to only one frame. I commonly see Realtors post one Instagram Story promoting a new listing or a sold listing and stopping there. While you are limited to 10 images in an Instagram post, with Instagram Stories you can post many more images at one time...why not use more posts to tell a more compelling story about your listing, experience or how you exceeded your clients' expectations.

Instagram Story posts are the perfect way to show more images of a home listing you have. With story posts you have tons of creative opportunities to work with. You can record video, share images, add text overlays to the image, add emojis, tag locations, tag people and even add interactive elements like polls or questions.

Here are four ideas to help you creatively show off your property listings:

1. Show multiple images of the property listing in individual story posts or make a collage and show 2 or more images in one story frame.

2. Use text to highlight elements of the property that are key features you want your clients to know about. You can either add text on one or more images or you can create text only story frames and add them in sequence with image posts.

3. Create a personal video message of yourself speaking on camera about the property. This is a great way to add that personal touch to your stories. People want to get to know you and see what you are like as a person - show off your personality with video. While story posts only last 15 seconds, don't worry, when you record video it will automatically slice the video into 15 second clips for you.

4. Try interactive stickers asking for people to take a poll or using a question sticker to attract direct responses and messages. This is a great way to encourage people to engage with you more on Instagram. The more you do this, the more likely people are to send you message. This is also really powerful as these messages are sent to your privately to your Instagram inbox. Through these direct private messages you can start a conversation with your followers and it's a great way to move a prospect to someone who will do business with you.

What actions are you going to take? How are you going to up your Instagram Stories game? Try these tips and let me know what works best for you. I'd love to hear your feedback.

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