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By Lowell Brown

4 Reasons To Create A Google My Business Account

Do you have a Google My Business account? I'm going to share four reasons why you should create one.

1. The first is it's free and it's easy.
That's right free you can't go wrong with free, right? But easy! I literally created an account for a realtor client of mine in under 10 minutes.

2. It allows you more control over what information about you and your business is listed in Google and Maps. 

3. The third reason is reviews.
Having a Google My Business account allows you to collect reviews about your business. The more positive reviews you collect that's more social proof that's more reasons to give someone who's searching for you why they should do business with you versus your competition. Reviews are gold.

4. Control.
With control and a Google My Business account you get to choose what information is listed about your business in Google Search. You can include things like a bio, details about your services, website address, you can add a call number, you can feature your reviews, you can show images, and there's so much more. So, the ability to share and control what information about your business allows people more reasons to do business with you and allows people to see more about your business.

So those are four reasons why you should create a google my business account. If you need more help or you want more information, leave a comment below.

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