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By Lowell Brown

3 Instagram Business Profile Tips for 2021

I've got three Instagram Business profile tips to help you avoid some common mistakes people make with their profile setup. These steps can help you avoid some roadblocks with your growth and engagement with Instagram.

The first tip is your photo. Make sure your profile photo is exactly that - a profile photo of you. Now, i know people like to use their logos because that's kind of a branding thing but on instagram people want to engage with you, a person, not your brand so make that photo a professional-looking photo of yourself, a headshot. A photo with a cat just doesn't really cut it. Well, that might be you, i mean, if you've got a cat business that's cool but, if it's a business profile use a headshot make it look professional. People want to connect with you. They want to see who you are. 

My second tip is about your business profile. So in your bio you've got all this space. You want to tell people who you are, what you do, and why they should do business with you or connect with you. Okay now the other thing about your profile is you can include your web address, your email, and your phone number. Those allow people to get in touch with you and that's a great way for people to connect with you and possibly do business with you. So don't forget those three important elements. It's part of your profile of a business account. Use it. Use as much space as you've got there for your profile to create that information and make a connection with potential clients followers, and fans. 

My third tip is to ensure that your account is not private. That's right, you want this to be a public account on Instagram. If it's private there's a gate. There's a wall that's up there, right? And if someone wants to try to follow you they're not going to see your pictures. They're not going to see information about you. They're not going to know who you are. So make your account public. Allow people to connect with you. Allow them to check out your feed and see what content you're sharing and that's why they're going to want to follow you. Make your account public. 

Those are my three Instagram business profile tips for you. I hope you enjoyed this video. I've got more tips coming up. Stay tuned.

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