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By Lowell Brown

Are Your Real Estate Facebook Ads Getting Disapproved? This could be the reason

Starting in Canada on December 3rd, 2020, you may have seen a box showing that prompts you to disclose if your Facebook ad fits in one of four "Special Ad Categories".

What Does This Mean?
The Facebook Special Ad Category is a new classification for ads that link to housing, credit, job opportunities & social, election & political content.

How Does This Affect Your Advertising Opportunity?
If your ad falls under this classification, Facebook will limit the audience targeting options you have available and prevent you from creating a target audience based on age, gender, or postal code.

While this may sound like a major roadblock to targeting options with Facebook's not all bad.

There are several good considerations and opportunities to thrive with Facebook advertising:
- You can create a new "Special Ad Audience" and Facebook will show your ad to people whose online behaviour is similar to your current customers, WITHOUT matching by demographics.

Special Ad Audiences
Special Ad Audiences

- You can try to use a saved audience for your special category ad, you may find that you’re able to apply only some aspects of the audience.
Any age, gender, or other demographic information in the audience will not be used, but remaining settings will be applied to your ad.

- You can still adjust some custom audience targeting however, you will find demographic targeting options cannot be selected, including age, gender, and zip code.

- You can still target based on interests by selecting the “detailed targeting” option.

- If you previously had "look-a-like" audiences setup in Ads Manager, just replace these with "Special Ad Audiences"

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