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Real Estate Marketing

By Lowell Brown

Social Media Post Ideas For Real Estate Listings To Sell Properties Faster.

Have you been struggling to think of unique social media post ideas as a Real Estate Agent?

There are several ways you can make a unique impact on social media. Yes, there are lots of Realtors who regularly post their listings, sold or testimonials. But let’s go beyond that. To stand out on social you need to consider multiple ways to post content, while still working to promote and sell your listings and grow your business.

Using your property listing photos (MLS) and videos like drone videos you can creatively make your property listings stand out. Many realtors use the same photos or videos over and over the exact same way on multiple posts. This is a big mistake. To get fresh eyeballs on your posts you have to change things up and make them stand out. I’ll cover different ways you can take the pictures and video you have so that you can repurpose them across multiple posts. This will give you more ways to promote your listings, more chances to have new people see your posts and a more creative way to feature your listings multiple times.

Additional Realtor Marketing Ideas:

Create Slide Show Videos for Real Estate Listings in Canva

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