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By Lowell Brown

What Are The Most Effective Social Media Platforms For Your Business?

Match Your Social Media Objective With The Most Effective Social Media Platform


Objective: Improve SEO

Google+ and YouTube are two social media platforms that can improve your SEO results. Google+ is by far the most popular search engine in the world [searchengineland]. The content within your Google+ profile will be indexed by Google and searchable on the web. Your content can gain page rank and appear in search results indefinitely.

YouTube is now the second largest search engine in the world with over 2 billion searches per day [seoinc]. Since Google acquired YouTube, users can search for YouTube videos in Google search which makes it all the more favorable for search engine optimization. Uploading quality, relevant videos to your YouTube page is a great way to stand out from the competition and improve your search results.

Objective: Increase Traffic to Your Website

You should focus your social media marketing efforts on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Integrating these social networks into your company webpage will contribute to an overall increase in website traffic. In a recent study by Shareaholic, Facebook drove the most traffic to publishers (a whopping 10.4%). Pinterest came in second at 3.7%, followed by Twitter at 1.2%.

With the share-friendly nature and strong community aspect of these three social media platforms, it’s no surprise that they are the top social media traffic drivers.

Objective: Increase Brand Visibility

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram could all increase your brand’s visibility. However, managing all of these social media platforms effectively is near impossible. Consider focusing your efforts on the platform with the largest population: Facebook.

Do not forget about LinkedIn – this platform is a great way to reach professionals if you’re a B2B company. The majority of users on LinkedIn are middle aged to older adults with a college education or higher.

*Focus on gaining quality “Likes” and followers, rather than building high numbers.

Objective: Improve Customer Engagement

The best way to improve customer engagement is by focusing on high engaging platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Facebook is a great platform to host contests and giveaways for your fans. Twitter allows you to engage with your customers by hosting your own real-time chats. Uploading interesting, useful, and time-worthy videos on your YouTube page encourages users to comment and share.

Objective: Increase Market Reach

With 1.19 million monthly active users on Facebook, it is easier than ever to reach your target market [Facebook 2013]. Facebook is no longer just for younger users. There has been an increase in the 45-65 age bracket, growing 46% since 2012. The market is there – you just have to know how to effectively reach them.

You can target your appropriate market by investing in Facebook advertising. With Facebook’s recent algorithm change, it is more difficult for brands to get seen. By spending a little bit of money on Facebook ads, you can expand your market reach.

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Available Resources

What are the resources needed to effectively manage each platform?

Copywriting [Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+]

Graphic Design [Pinterest, Facebook, Google+]

Trend Spotting [Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest,                           Instagram]

Videography [YouTube]

Photography [Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest]

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