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By Lowell Brown

YouTube Announces “Handles”

Youtube has just released Youtube handles.

Now, this is a feature coming out in the next couple of weeks. And really what it is is it’s like having that “@” with a user name like you would on all these other different types of platforms.

This is supposed to be a way for you to easily tag or get in contact with other people on youtube. One of the great things is that having a customized URL On Youtube used to be limited to people once they had 100 subscribers. Well, this new feature of handles is going to have to be open to everybody which means you’ll be able to create one as soon as it rolls out and I’d advise you to take advantage sooner than later.

Now, YouTube will be creating these tag names initially for you using your Youtube channel name, you will have the opportunity to change it and customize it as you see fit.
I’ve already received a notification via email about one of my YouTube channels so keep a lookout.

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