The Facebook Cheat Sheet for Image Sizing & Dimensions

Posted on December 17, 2013 By

Did you know that posts on Facebook including a photo album, picture, or video generate about 180 percent, 120 percent, and 100 percent more engagement, respectively? (Facebook) Increase your audience engagement by using this guide to help you improve the quality of images you upload on Facebook. Timeline Your COVER PHOTO (the banner image at the... View Article

The Pinterest Cheat Sheet for Image Sizing & Dimensions

Posted on December 11, 2013 By

Pinterest has recently changed their layout. Along with this new layout, the image sizes & dimensions have changed. We have created the ultimate cheat sheet with the correct image sizes & dimensions to help you stay up to date. Profile: Pinterest recommends you upload a profile picture with square dimensions measuring 600 x 600 pixels.... View Article

How to use Hashtags on Twitter

Posted on December 4, 2013 By

Twitter, one of the most widely-used social networking platforms today is the mastermind behind the hashtag system. The term “hashtag” has become well-known in the online community and has been adopted by other websites such as Facebook, Google+, and Pinterest. Hashtags have quickly become a part of popular culture. Knowing when and how to use... View Article