There are more than 19,000,000 Canadians
on Facebook at least once every month,
and 14,000,000 monthly active users every single day.

Source : Facebook: Aug 2013

Social Media Audit & Strategy Plan

Do you want to get started with social media but you just don’t know how?

Are you already using social media but it’s just not working well enough?

Have you been struggling to get more leads, increase website traffic, grow your social fanbase and social engagement?


If you answered “yes” to even one of the three questions above, our Social Media Audit is right for you!

Going Social’s Social Media Audit will bring you the following benefits: – Improved clarity of your precise goals for social media marketing – Evaluation and recommendations on the most suitable platform(s) to reach your ideal customer – S.W.O.T analysis of your website – Understanding how to measure and increase Social Media ROI – A roadmap for success to increase quantity of leads and improve quality of leads – Proven strategies to foster better engagement and attract more referrals Our Social Media Audit and Strategy Plan includes 2 personal consultation meetings and a detailed report that is yours to keep (on average our report is 10 – 25 pages long). The main purpose of the Audit and Strategy Plan is to provide you with a roadmap to success for your social marketing initiates. Read some testimonials from clients we’ve worked with.

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