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By Lowell Brown

How To Build A Following With LinkedIn Creator Mode – Learn How!

In this video, I discuss how content creators including live streamers, video content producers and podcasters,should use LinkedIn Creator mode to add the “follow” connection ability. What does this do?
If you have used LinkedIn without creator mode turned on, you’ll know that in order to allow people to see your content you first would need to accept their connection request. By accepting a connection request you can see their content, they can see your content and you can also message each other.
The problem is that if you start to accept everyone who sends you a connection request you could open yourself up to more messages and connection spam, and also your feed can be filled with content you are not interested in.
On the other hand, with LinkedIn Creator Mode turned on, you can focus on building stronger connections with people while still allowing anyone to see and interact with your content.
So let’s say you start sharing content on LinkedIn – as an example, let’s say you want to post your videos or audio clips of your podcast – and users start to engage with your content. Using Creator mode as an account type and profile tool feature will allow you to build strong personal connections with others in your target audience demographic and can help you build fans into superfans, while also building a following on other social media platforms. Check out the video for more details.

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