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By Lowell Brown

Real Estate Marketing Tip: Leverage Instagram Stories

We have had some amazing results with Instagram Stories for our Real Estate Agent/Broker clients. One of the strategies we have taken with Instagram Stories is featuring current property listings or hot properties.

Why are stories so compelling?
When done in a creative way you can take your followers on a virtual trip through the property to see different elements of the listing and point out what makes the property unique. Remember to follow the typical “story” structure.
Every good story has a beginning, middle and an end.

When we feature listings for our clients we start with the outside of the home and add a catchy title for some text to that first story picture to catch people’s attention. Next we include 3-5 more pictures of different rooms or highlights of the property and add only a small amount of text on each image. The text usually points out something unique about the space in the home. It’s always recommended to try to help your audience connect with the picture, property or space.

Try to help them imagine themselves there. We recommend ending the story process with one last important call-to-action. Usually that call-to-action is to call the agent/broker for more info or more pictures of the property.

What we have found really works is to tie your call-to-action into sending a message via Instagram. Asking people to send a message is easy because the comment box is alway at the bottom of the story. It’s been amazing how much engagement this attracts.

How have you been using Instagram Stories to showcase your listings? Tell us below what you do to bring your listings to life.

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