Sept 29, 2017

5 Facebook Reach Hacks to Improve Visibility of your posts

It's no secret. Organic reach on Facebook is at an all time low. Many people are seeing a reach of around 2% - 6% or lower...

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Time-Saving Canva Keyboard Shortcuts – Work Faster – Easy to Learn!

One of the best ways to speed up your Canva work process is by using easy-to-remember keyboard shortcuts. Learn my favourite shortcuts that are super easy to learn and will make your Canva graphic creation time faster meaning you can spend more time on other parts of your business - Win. Win....

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LeadPages Tutorial : How To Install The Meta Advertising Pixel On A Landing Page

LeadPages is one of the most popular landing page platforms used for Real Estate Listing Landing Pages. But if you aren't installing the Meta tracking pixel when running ad campaigns on Facebook & Instagram you are missing out on a huge opportunity to get better advertising results....

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Best Branding Tips For Real Estate Agents

Want to make sure your social media posts stand out and get more attention than your competitors? In this video, I cover several tips to help you create social media post graphics that will help you become memorable, and recognizable and ensure you have branding consistency. ...

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Facebook Ad Issues & Rejected Ads – Solved

Did Facebook (Meta) reject your Facebook or Instagram ads? Did you know there is a way to dispute Facebook’s decision to disapprove your ads? In this video, I’ll explain how to get your rejected Facebook ads approved, and how you can get direct contact with Meta Business Support and get your ads and/or ad account back up and running...

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4 Strategies To Ensure Successful Facebook & Instagram Ads

Are you looking to leverage Facebook & Instagram ads to promote your business? Maybe you have tried Facebook (Meta) ads in the past and you are either not sure you have things set up correctly or you aren't sure if the results you are achieving are good....

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Facebook & Instagram Ads Vs Google Ads

Should take a different approach for advertising on Facebook & Instagram compared to Google Search Ads? I explain why your ad copy, ad messaging and your call-to-action may need to be adjusted so you can maximize your results from your ad campaigns....

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Getting Started With Meta (Facebook & Instagram) Ads

This article will help you identify the various items that need to be set up within your Meta account so that you can start advertising (use this as a checklist of sorts). We’ll also cover the basic components of an actual ad campaign so that you can have what you need to create a stellar ad campaign....

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How To Solve Issues With Disapproved Meta Ads on Facebook & Instagram

Save time and frustration when you have disapproved Meta ads or problems with your ad account so that you can get your ad campaigns back up and running quickly. We cover common ad rejection issues and how to solve them....

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What You’re Getting Wrong About Facebook Ads (And How to Fix It)

Are your Facebook Ads working as hard as you’d like them to? Do you find that the promise of leads and sales from advertising on Facebook hasn’t been fulfilled? Well, today we’re going to be diving into what most people are getting wrong with their Facebook Ads and how to fix it in your own campaigns....

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Two Facebook Advertising Ideas To Help Real Estate Agents/Brokers Drive Traffic, Build an Email List of Buyers & Sellers, and Reach More People

Have you considered using Facebook Ads to promote listings and sell properties fast? Here are 2 Facebook Ad strategies to drive traffic, build an email list, and reach more people in a cost effective way:...

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Facebook Advertising Audiences – What are they?

Are you considering advertising on Facebook and Instagram? One of the most important elements to a successful advertising campaign is the audience you target your ads to. Here are 3 tips to help you target your ads to people who are not only interested but ready to take action....

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How To Test Facebook Dynamic Creative Ad Performance

Have you ever wondered how to check the results of Facebook Ads setup with "Dynamic Creative?This valid feedback will tell you what Facebook has determined is the most effective combo of creative elements  you selected in the setup of this ad type, based on the ad goals.Why is this important? Read on to find out......

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