Sept 29, 2017

5 Facebook Reach Hacks to Improve Visibility of your posts

It's no secret. Organic reach on Facebook is at an all time low. Many people are seeing a reach of around 2% - 6% or lower...

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Time-Saving Canva Keyboard Shortcuts – Work Faster – Easy to Learn!

One of the best ways to speed up your Canva work process is by using easy-to-remember keyboard shortcuts. Learn my favourite shortcuts that are super easy to learn and will make your Canva graphic creation time faster meaning you can spend more time on other parts of your business - Win. Win....

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LeadPages Tutorial : How To Install The Meta Advertising Pixel On A Landing Page

LeadPages is one of the most popular landing page platforms used for Real Estate Listing Landing Pages. But if you aren't installing the Meta tracking pixel when running ad campaigns on Facebook & Instagram you are missing out on a huge opportunity to get better advertising results....

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Top 5 Ways to Promote Your Real Estate Listing

Learn how to promote your Real Estate Property Listings on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin & TikTok so you stand out from your competitors, stop the scroll and attract more direct messages and leads....

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Facebook Ad Campaign Reach Declining? Try These Tips

One of the biggest frustrations with advertising on Facebook & Instagram is seeing that your ad performance is declining. It's often difficult to know why or what to do about it to correct the problem. This short video will give you some insight on what actions you can take....

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Social Media Post Ideas For Real Estate Listings To Sell Properties Faster.

As a Real Estate Agent, there are several ways you can make a unique impact on social media. Go beyond posting the same listing photos, testimonials and sold pics. To stand out you need to consider multiple ways to post content, while still working to promote and sell your listings and grow your business....

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How to GET MORE ENGAGEMENT on Social Media posts

If you are a Realtor and you've been searching for strategies to get more followers, to learn how to get more likes and comments, and how to get more direct messages and engagement on Instagram, this video is for you....

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Create Slide Show Videos for Real Estate Listings in Canva

Take your Real Estate Listing presentations to the next level. In this video, I show you how to create simple slide show videos for your real estate house listings that you can use for social media posts on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter and more. ...

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6 Email Marketing Strategies For Real Estate Agents – BUILD YOUR EMAIL LIST

Want to know what one of the most overlooked marketing tools for Real Estate Agents is? My Answer - Building A Email List and Leveraging Email Marketing. As a real estate agent, you are in the business of building relationships. One of the best ways to maintain a connection with your audience and to keep in touch with them so you stay top of mind is through email marketing. ...

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How To Gain More Followers To Your LinkedIn Company Page – Realtor Marketing Strategy

Are you a realtor looking to gain a bigger following on LinkedIn? Do you have many LinkedIn connections but your LI Page doesn't have many followers? Are you looking to increase the number of people who will see your LinkedIn Page posts? In this video, I show 2 easy strategies to help you gain more followers to Company Page. ...

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How To Install A Canva Template and Learn Canva Basics

In this video, I demonstrate how easy it is to customize each Canva Template with your own logo and profile picture. I demonstrate how to change colours, fonts, resize objects, change pictures and much more. Whether you are a Canva beginner or have used Canva in the past I cover some pro tips to help you save time so that you can customize your Canva post graphics fast....

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Video Marketing Guide For Realtors In 2022

Whether you're a buyer, seller, or simply a real estate marketer, you understand the value of having a strong, credible, and appealing profile for your target audience. It is vital to market your business successfully and find ways to outperform your competitors in such a competitive industry....

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Instagram Tip For Realtors: ?Use A Call To Action To Attract Engagement On Your Posts

The most effective way to create action from an Instagram post is to use a call to action. Read on to learn 3 tips to attract engagement to your Instagram Posts....

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How to Host A Virtual Open House Live On Instagram

To get noticed, you have to do things differently. Find out how Toronto Real Estate Agent & Broker, Michael Switzer, took to Instagram to step-up his marketing with a virtual open house, Live During COVID-19....

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